Taxi2Gate KSEA airport

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Taxi2Gate

KSEA AFCAD from Fly Away Simulation Orbx FTX Pacific Northwest (PNW) Region


 Seroxat online order

My P3Dv3 Scenery Library with custom entries for Taxi2Gate KSEA.

 REX4 | Texture Direct

Default KSEA airport in FSX/P3D. Quite outdated.
Taxi2Gate KSEA in all its glory. Everything was updated including the missing runway.

Default KSEA main passenger terminal.
Updated Taxi2Gate KSEA main passenger terminal.

Downtown Seattle with duplicated buildings from Taxi2Gate KSEA.

Renamed Seattle-C.bgl file from Taxi2Gate KSEA to return it to normal.

ScruffyDuck’s Airport Design Editor (ADE)

Default north end of KSEA in FSX/P3D.

Updated north end of KSEA in FSX/P3D using Taxi2Gate KSEA. See the weird runway end aprons?


North end of KSEA in FSX/P3D using Taxi2Gate KSEA after patching. Crazy aprons all gone!

Using ScruffyDuck's Airport Design Editor to fix Taxi2Gate KSEA bgl.

Missing night lighting around the Taxi2Gate KSEA airport.

Default night lighting around KSEA in FSX/P3D.

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